Watkins Ward Group Reviews Covid19 Tenant Landlord Advice – News Anyway

Watkins Ward Group reviews latest COVID measure and announces a new dedicated team, dedicated in providing Coronavirus advice for landlords.

Commercial and residential tenants who miss rent payments due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic are to be protected from eviction for at least six months.

The necessary legislation for England, Wales and Northern Ireland is included in the Coronavirus Act. In Scotland the necessary legislation is included in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act.

As additional restrictions on movement and businesses are announced by the government in an attempt to control the spread of the outbreak, landlords may struggle with the impact on their buildings and rental income. Some of the potential issues for landlords of commercial properties in particular are set out below, but specific legal advice should be sought before any action is taken.

Can my tenant terminate their lease arguing that it has been frustrated?

It is

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