4 companies in the business of coffee – RTE.ie

One particular industry which has grown significantly in Ireland in recent years is the coffee industry and thanks to the country being forced to work from home it has grown its importance in households across the nation.

As part of our Boost My Business initiative Fiona Alston spoke to four coffee businesses who are capitalising on their newfound importance.

The Coffee Exchange is an online coffee marketplace which sells coffee and brewing equipment to the public.

“Pre Covid we didn’t exist, and then during Covid, myself, Cronan Gleeson and Ciaran Gaffney set The Coffee Exchange up together as a project trying to promote Irish Coffee because there’s some incredible roasters in Ireland – they’re just on top of their game,” says co-founder Ben Burns.

“We were the first of a coffee marketplace in Ireland,” he explains, “it was quite a novel idea and it also gave an alternative revenue stream for

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