Bloody Sunday 1920: The 32 killed at home, at Croke Park, in Dublin Castle or who died later of their wounds – The Irish Times


Lieutenant Peter Ames (32): Ames was born into a wealthy American family in Pennsylvania. He moved to London in 1912, joined the Grenadier Guards in 1917, and served in the first World War. After the war he served in MI5 as an undercover agent. He slept with a loaded pistol under his bed, but was caught by surprise on Bloody Sunday morning and shot dead at 38 Upper Mount Street. His engagement to his fiancée Millicent Orr-Ewing was announced in the New York Times on the day he died.

Lieutenant George Bennett (38): Bennett was born in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) to an English father and Dutch mother. He was educated at Sherborne School, one of England’s top public schools, and Oxford. He served in France in the first World War, and was mentioned in dispatches. He and Ames were regarded as the leaders of the Cairo Gang,

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