Budget housing allocation of €3.3 billion does ‘nothing, zilch nada’ for renters – The Irish Times

Taoiseach Micheál Martin accused Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald of engaging in “propagandistic” language over the Government’s €3.3 billion budget allocation for housing.

Mr Martin insisted that housing was the Government’s number one priority and it aimed to give funding to local authorities and approved bodies to build social and affordable homes in the “biggest social housing programme in the history of the State”.

This was key to solving the housing crisis he said as he rejected claims by Ms McDonald that the €3.3 billion budget allocation was “massively disappointing”. The Taoiseach insisted it was “fantastic by any yard stick”.

But during leaders’ questions Ms McDonald said there was nothing propagandistic about her language when “rent protection zones don’t work, haven’t worked, will never work”.

She said the Taoiseach was “bigging up” the €3.3 billion budget allocation when the Government was doing “nothing, zilch, nada” for renters while delivering

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