Judge considers order deferring sale of home of abused mother of two – BreakingNews.ie

A High Court judge is considering making an order deferring for several years the sale of the home of a woman and her two young children.

The sale order was obtained by the woman’s estranged and previously abusive husband from the Circuit Court, so he could buy a house for himself, his new partner and their baby.

A stay on sale was applied until 2025, but the High Court’s Mr Justice Max Barrett said on Monday he will hear arguments later whether it should be deferred further until the youngest child finishes secondary school.

The man had said the woman could, after the mortgage was paid off, keep 80 per cent of the sale proceeds to a maximum €100,000 and maybe buy a new home or rent a property.

Mr Justice Barrett said the woman is a low-paid professional who does not earn enough to get a home loan in the

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