Restaurant sector faces 'total collapse' in January if not allowed to open in December –

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RESTAURATEURS ARE CALLING on the government to allow them to open in December, warning that the loss of the pre-Christmas trade could put many out of business in the new year.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Saturday with Katie Hannon, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) said 30% of the sector’s annual income comes in December.

“It is actually in a very precarious position where we could see a complete and total collapse of our industry in January if we’re not allowed to open for December,” he said.

Cummins said banks are “moving in on businesses” to make sure they pay their loans and landlords are looking for rent because they have to pay their mortgages.

“Over the next five days, the politicians need to, in our opinion, give us a clear definitive answer and allow us to open

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