Darragh O'Brien: Ambitious aims and imaginative solutions can solve housing woes – Irish Examiner

A recent editorial in this paper
rightly criticised the appalling scenes on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and warned against the prospect of such turmoil occurring here. 

It insightfully pointed to the central role housing has in addressing such potential political unrest but then criticised some of the solutions under development. 

We need to use all tools at our disposal to address the housing crisis. I am committed to pragmatism over ideology and delivery over dogmatism to boost housing supply and open up homeownership to a new generation. 

Politicians need to stop letting one party’s perfect be the enemy of everyone’s good when facing a crisis.

The editorial highlighted Department of Public Expenditure (DPER) officials’ concerns around the new state equity scheme.

I agree there are risks to poorly designed schemes. Any proposal using taxpayer’s money must be subject to rigorous debate and analysis. 

That’s why DPER observations on house

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