Eoin Ó Broin calls for three-year rent freeze to allow incomes 'catch up' – Newstalk

Sinn Féin’s Eoin Ó Broin says rent increases should be banned for an ’emergency period’ of three years to let people’s incomes ‘catch up’ with rents.

He suggests rent pressure zones haven’t worked, so a freeze is now needed as rents remain too high.

Rent pressure zones have been in place since 2017, and now cover dozens of the country’s biggest towns and cities.

It means the rent cannot be increased by more than 4% per year in the designated zones.

However, Deputy Ó Broin told Newstalk Breakfast it’s now clear the pressure zone policy hasn’t achieved what was intended.

Ó Broin: Ban rent increases for three years so incomes can ‘catch up’

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He said: “In many areas where rents were meant to be capped annually at 4% [increase], we’ve seen increases of 5%, 6% and

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