Construction sector ‘spin’ must be challenged, Soc Dems conference told – The Irish Times

The property market is building only for the top 10 per cent of dual earners and the top 1 per cent of single earners, and the “spin” of the construction sector has to be challenged, the Social Democrats national conference has been told.

Assistant professor of architecture at UCD Orla Hegarty highlighted the need for the “missing middle” properties including terraced housing and mid-rise apartments.

In a presentation to up to 700 delegates she suggested a regional development plan of €1 million per town to refurbish and retrofit 20 upper floor and vacant units in regional towns which could provide long-term jobs, create footfall and build sustainable communities.

Prof Hegarty said this option could be used for direct provision accommodation, homelessness and for one, two and three-person households on housing waiting lists who are not prioritised.

But the 3,000 plus co-living developments should not be “suddenly channelled into homeless or

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