Dublin salon shut down by gardaí after reopening despite Level 5 restrictions – BreakingNews.ie

Gardaí have ordered a Dublin beauty salon to close after it reopened despite level 5 restrictions.

C and N Beauty Rooms in Balbriggan has been taking clients since 10.30am this morning.

One hour and 20 minutes after opening, the salon received a knock on the door from gardaí and was ordered to close.

Locals have mixed views about the business going against the guidelines.

“No I don’t think I’ll support them, because I’d rather get out of this as quickly as possible,” said one person.

Another local said: “Beauty salons, hairdressers, they can only have so many people in at one time anyway, so they were never overcrowded.”

In a statement issued to BreakingNews.ie, a Garda spokesperson said: “Gardaí have attended a retail premises on Dublin Street in Balbriggan and are investigating alleged breaches of public health regulations.


“In respect of regulations, which are declared to be Penal Regulations

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