Holidaying at home? Do your homework –

Booking a holiday these days is a risky business.

We do not yet know when, if, and to what extent restrictions will be lifted over the summer months.

Most of us know that foreign travel this summer could be off the cards, so summer 2021 could truly be the year of the staycation.

We have already seen reports about prices here being increased in anticipation of a peak in demand. There will be a huge demand for accommodation this year, so we can expect prices to be higher.

If you are not one of the many people who have bought a caravan or camper van, you might be making a reservation for a break. If so, there are a few things to watch out for.

Surfer on a beach in Co Kerry (Getty Images)

Read the terms and conditions.

It’s a bore, but it could save you money. Make sure you understand

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