Michael Healy-Rae is Dáil’s biggest landlord and declares NYT shares – The Irish Times

One-quarter of TDs are property investors or landowners, the latest register of Dáil members’ interests shows, a drop from the previous Dáil, in which one-third were so categorised.

Michael Healy-Rae remains the Dáil’s biggest landlord, with 16 properties listed for rent, according to the register, which covers 2020. He has also disclosed shares in the New York Times. Oireachtas members are obliged to declare share values over a €13,000 threshold.

The latest Register of Members’ Interests shows 25 per cent of current TDs have investment properties, are landlords or own farmland, down from 33.5 per cent in the last Dáil.

Mr Healy-Rae lists 16 properties as “for letting”, as well as a directorship with “Michael Healy-Rae Properties Ltd”, the purposes of which are said to be “maintenance and repairs of properties”.

His occupations are recorded in the register as postmaster, politician, farmer, service station owner, and in plant hire. The Kerry Independent

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