Renters demand government replace ‘fake’ Covid eviction ban with the real thing – The Independent

The housing secretary has been accused of running a “fake eviction ban” after it emerged some tenants are still being hauled in front of courts and threatened with homelessness because of missed rent.

Robert Jenrick promised in March that nobody who lost income because of the pandemic would be forced out of their home – and imposed a ban on evictions to stop people being put on the streets during lockdown.

But last month The Independent revealed that new loopholes had been quietly introduced that will allow landlords to make homeless those hit the very hardest by the pandemic.

Following lobbying by landlord groups, ministers changed the rules during the January lockdown so that bailiffs can evict anyone who has been unable to pay rent for six months.

The previous version of the ban allowed tenants to be evicted if they already had nine moths of arrears, but crucially only if it

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