Sculptures, harps, and royal entertainment among Foreign Affairs costs in 2020 – Irish Examiner

A €17,650 sculpture, a €13,970 bill for decorative harps outside Irish embassies, and €17,541 in catering for Prince William and Kate Middleton were among the costs incurred in keeping the country’s Department of Foreign Affairs running last year.

The department also forked out €13,274 for catering during a visit to Ireland by the president of Greece as well as €28,000 to a company that specialises in the management of confidential concerns about workplace wrongdoings.


Some €17,650 was paid to One Off Design for the “design, creation, transportation, and installation” of a sculpture called Oak by the artist Fergus Martin.

The artwork – made up of two benches, one carved with the Salmon of Knowledge – has been installed at the International Criminal Court  in the Netherlands and was formally unveiled earlier this month.

‘Oak’, which was sculpted by Irish artist Fergus Martin, and donated by the Government of Ireland to the International Criminal Court

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