ServiceNow partners get workflow boost in Quebec release – TechTarget

ServiceNow partners will find more workflow and process design options in the latest release of the Now Platform.

The Quebec release, which ServiceNow unveiled this week, includes Process Optimization — a feature that lets organizations explore the processes that underly business workflows and identify bottlenecks. Other features include Workforce Optimization, which monitors customer or IT service agent productivity and KPIs. The update also emphasizes low-code development.

Process Optimization helps partners avoid the mistake of building an offering on top of an inefficient process, said Dave Wright, ServiceNow’s chief innovation officer. “When a partner is going in and wants to implement a new solution … this is the prime time to look at the processes people have got and analyze them,” Wright said. “[Process Optimization] allows partners to work with a customer to map out their ideal processes.”

Workforce Optimization, meanwhile, lets ServiceNow partners reorganize work across agents. This approach lets partners

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