Towards a new Irish housing system for asylum seekers and refugees –

With the aim of bridging the gap between the recommendations of the Advisory Group Report published in October 2021 and the Government White Paper, the Irish Refugee Council commissioned Campbell Tickell to explore the transition from Direct Provision to a new system of housing for people seeking protection and refugees. 

The research focusses exclusively on developing new models and approaches for housing those seeking sanctuary and refuge in Ireland. Based on the views of key stakeholders, including those with lived experience of the current system, the 76-page report from Campbell Tickell concludes that the present arrangements for housing and support “do not work well, either for asylum seekers themselves or for those operating within the current Direct Provision system.”

Liz Zacharias, a Senior Consultant at Campbell Tickell said: “By transitioning to a new approach, Ireland has the potential to create a far better system of support for asylum seekers and refugees who

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