What are my tenants rights when renting from a private landlord? – Which?


Coronavirus and your eviction rights

From 29 August 2020, you’re entitled to six months’ notice on most tenancies. If rent arrears are more than six months’ worth of rent, this notice period could be reduced.

Do I have to pay tenancy fees?

Letting agents in England, Scotland and Wales aren’t allowed to charge you for:

General ‘admin fees’ References or police checks Credit checks Renewing your tenancy contract

If a landlord or agent tries to charge you these fees, remind them of the rules and tell them you’re only willing to pay for rent and any deposits required.

If they’re found to be charging for the above, they face a £5,000 fine. If they continue to charge fees, they could be fined much more.

Depending on what your tenancy agreement says, the only fees your landlord or letting agent can charge are:

Your rent, utilities

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