Company Landlords are Promoted as More “Professional” – but What Are Tenants Finding? – Dublin Inquirer

Illustration by Moritz Wienert for Cities for Rent.

A contractor called around in March to repair the draughty gap in the window frame in Dean McCarthy and Tomas Slaninka’s bedroom.

They stepped out of the room to leave him to it. McCarthy heard a noise.

At some point, the old pane had broken. Part of it dropped and smashed on the ground three storeys below, prompting a neighbour to text and ask if their back window had just fallen out.

“Luckily, no one was in the back garden at the time,” said McCarthy.

He and Slaninka had been worried it would fall out, he said recently. They’d flagged it with one of the landlord’s contractors back in September.

“We had to follow up on this issue for more than half a year,” says Slaninka.

The draught was chilly. This past winter, they kept an electric radiator on

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