DeKalb County email account exposed. Bookseller suffers data theft. Vaccine passports. – The CyberWire

At a glance.DeKalb County email account exposed.Bookseller suffers data theft.Could vaccine passports cross privacy borders?WeTransfer phishing scam.Responses to Facebook data leak.DeKalb County email account exposed.

The DeKalb County Department of Innovation and Technology, located in the US state of Georgia, was the victim of a data breach, the Champion reports. An email account for the county’s Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition program was stored on a server that was infiltrated in an “international cyberattack.” A spokesperson stated that the account and the server were shut down as soon as the attack was detected, and an investigation is underway to determine what data was accessed.

Throw the book at him.

OpIndia reports that a hacker allegedly stole data from India-based online secondhand bookseller According to a post on an underground hacking forum, the cyberthief breached the website and swiped the data of more than 500,000 users. The data dump included IP addresses, phone numbers, and

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