Derelict Sites: Heritage buildings are key to reviving our cities – Irish Examiner

Dublin’s iconic Iveagh Markets in the Liberties are a bustling commercial hub once again after decades of lying closed and derelict.

The Capital’s Royal City of Dublin Hospital thrives as a south inner-city social housing project.

Families pass each other up and down the stone-stepped cascade stairway to the street from the once boarded up front doors of the late Victorian Baggot Street property.

In Cork city, neighbours lean down or up to greet each other cheerily through half-opened sash windows on the upper levels of period properties all along North Main St.

And in the centuries-old sawmills behind Bridewell Garda Station, boutique businesses thrive where once lay for years a roofless ruin overgrown with weeds, locked away behind locked rusted gates and splashed with thick white and grey streaks of pigeon droppings.

And down on the quays, the huge old Odlums complex is now another of Ireland’s thriving social housing hubs, surrounded by small

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