Dome envy, a Dutch holiday experiment and the priciest cities in which to rent – The Irish Times

Image of the week: Cold open

There was a chill in the April air as England reopened for outside hospitality (and non-essential retail and personal services) on Monday, but in the Black Dog Restaurant and Bar in Chester, in the northwest, the owners have found an inspirational way for customers to protect themselves against the elements while still, ostensibly, being outdoors: massive transparent domes. They’re futuristic and pragmatic, what’s not to like? Doubtless various authorities here will probably find a reason why they can’t be planted all over the paving stones of Ireland in the vicinity of a functioning bar and kitchen, but still… it’s good to have aspirations. These are, frankly, the only bubbles we should keep in our post-pandemic world.

In numbers: Holiday experiment

Dutch people who applied for a Covid-era “test” holiday in Greece backed by the government of the Netherlands.

Dutch tourists who were chosen to enjoy eight

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