Eir looks to recapture lost ground from Virgin in telecoms arms race – The Irish Times

“We’ve never been good at it,” admits Eir boss Carolan Lennon about its customer service, the great casualty of the telecommunications age. Contacting a telco with a problem is now on a par with going to the dentist – sometimes necessary, but to be avoided if possible.

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Eir’s customer service function blew a gasket. The company had been forced to move hundreds of customer care agents to remote working and halt recruitment, resulting in a major decline in productivity.

At the same time, with everyone at home because of lockdown and increasingly reliant on telecommunications, call volumes and queries surged. “It all went the wrong way at the one time,” Lennon says.

At the worst point, in August, call waiting times were averaging about an hour. Customers complained of calls being dropped, of agents being unhelpful, and of routine issues

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