Giving the young a voice… and Asha also flies flag for women – Echo Live

STORIES of drunken students flinging themselves into The Lough do nothing to enhance their reputations, but we must remember that students are an important force for change and supporting them is key to a successful and vibrant society.

I was delighted to hear about the election of Asha Woodhouse as the first female student union president of UCC in 18 years.

With 53% of first preference votes, she was elected on the first count with just over 2,900 votes out of a total poll of 5,500.

It is heartening that a candidate who has sustainability, gender equality and political engagement at the heart of her manifesto should gain so much support from her fellow students.

However, as Woodhouse highlighted herself, the number of students who actually engage with the student union and vote in SU elections is a small fraction of the 22,000-strong UCC student population.

In fact, one of Woodhouse’s personal targets

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