'I did feel guilty leaving during a pandemic … I did worry about what people would think' – Bray People

The dramatic increase in jobs that can be done remotely since the start of the pandemic has created a trend in so-called “digital nomads”, a term used to describe tech workers who relocate from expensive cities like Dublin, London or San Francisco to cheaper places, often with lifestyle benefits, to work remotely.

yero, one of Europe’s largest property agents, reported a 117pc annual increase in Irish people renting property in Europe in January and February this year compared to January and February 2020.

Martin Dell, founder of Kyero, said: ‘There is little doubt that coronavirus and higher levels of remote working has driven up interest in property overseas as the dream of moving to Europe becomes a realistic possibility.’

Many countries who rely heavily on tourism, including Spain and Portugal, have been offering work-from-home visas in a bid to attract remote workers and help boost the economy while the tourism

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