Owen Hanley calls for radical new approach to housing – Galway Advertiser

Cllr Owen Hanley believes a radical new approach to housing is needed in Ireland.

Statistics released by the Department of Housing demonstrated that 75 per cent of social housing delivered in 2020 was either bought or leased from private developers.

“The 2020 housing statistics for the country highlight yet again the failing approach that the Government seems trapped in. If you look at the numbers for Galway we see this affect playing out with very real consequences,” Hanley says.

“In the city of the 773 units provided in 2020 197 were built by the council or approved housing bodies while the remaining 577 were leased, rented or brought from the private market.

“In the county of 542 units provided, 452 were brought or leased from the private market while only 100 units were built by the public sector.

“This shows in Galway a stronger reliance on the private market to

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