Spina bifida sufferer told to pay £6,700 to get loo he needs in new home – Belfast Live

A man with spina bifida has been told he’ll have to pay £6,700 to get a specialist loo he has needed since the age of eight because policy dictates he couldn’t take his from social housing.

Patrick McCann, 39, says months of antisocial behaviour left him feeling ‘life wasn’t worth living’ and that he had no choice but to leave his home of 11 years – and his adaptations – behind in September.

Now it has emerged that the toilet he wasn’t allowed to take has been removed for the new tenant.

The special loo and shower had been prescribed for Patrick by an Occupational Therapist and six months after moving he still doesn’t have what he needs in his new home.

“It’s like they have taken away my dignity – and worse, it seems like they don’t care,” he said of the system.

Now he is calling on

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