Time for the big builders to lose their plots – Telegraph.co.uk

The news is dominated by Covid-19 – and plans to lift lockdown. Northern Ireland and the Westminster lobbying scandal – plus Prince Philip’s funeral, of course – are also rightly generating reams of coverage.

Yet away from the bulletins, perennial policy issues remain unresolved, blighting the lives of millions. Perhaps the most pressing is housing.

The UK has a chronic housing shortage. We need around 250,000 new homes each year to meet population growth and household formation. Housebuilding hasn’t reached that level since the late 1970s.

The shortage of homes to both buy and rent means adults aged 25-45 now spend more on housing and are more likely to rent than any generation since the 1930s – as sky-high prices deny home ownership. And over the last decade, a dearth of social housing has seen overcrowding and homelessness escalate among low-income families.

Lockdown has highlighted the gulf between

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