What are the landlord smoke alarm requirements? – Simply Business knowledge

Whether it’s smoke alarms or a carbon monoxide detector, landlord responsibilities are governed by clear legislation.

But research shows that landlords are often falling short. In fact, 27 per cent of renters don’t have a smoke alarm installed on each storey of their home, while 51 per cent are without a carbon monoxide detector.

Failing to comply with legislation could have serious consequences, so it’s vital that you know the regulations inside out. Read our guide to make sure you’re fully compliant.

What are the current landlord smoke alarm requirements in the UK?

From 1 October 2015, private sector landlords must have at least one smoke alarm installed on every storey of their property. You’re also expected to make sure that the alarm works as expected at the start of any new tenancy.

What are the carbon monoxide detector regulations?

Landlords are legally obliged to install a carbon monoxide detector in any room containing a ‘solid

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