Dublin height guidelines referred to European court – RTE.ie

Controversial plans for 1,500 homes in Dublin could be delayed for up to 18 months after the High Court decided to refer a legal challenge to the European Court of Justice. The ECJ will be asked to consider the new height guidelines brought in in 2018 which allows developers to exceed limits set in development

Seven holiday homes you can rent in Cork for less than €300 a week – Cork Beo

As more and more restrictions start to lift we can now look forward to the summer holidays and getting away for a few days after a stressful year. There has been a lot of talk lately about the cost of staycations in Ireland with perspective holidaymakers saying they had been quoted hundreds for a night

Rent controls can work, but need to be implemented carefully – Stuff.co.nz

OPINION: In early 2020, Leilani Farha, the then-UN Special Rapporteur for Housing, described New Zealand’s housing crisis as “a significant human rights crisis” and suggested a series of reforms, including rent freezes in tight markets, which were criticised by some commentators as being too radical and unworkable. In early May, the Green Party introduced a

Thousands face 'perfect storm of hardship' if pandemic supports lifted too soon – Irish Examiner

A perfect storm of problems and hardships is on the way for thousands of people as supports put in place during the pandemic are removed, one of Ireland’s largest charities has predicted. Over the coming days and weeks, the moratorium on energy disconnections will be removed and the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) will be wound

Ireland travel: I want to holiday in Spain or Portugal – how much will it cost me? – Irish Mirror

Many people will already be planning their long-awaited trips abroad this summer in line with the recent announcement on International travel from Ireland. Despite the welcomed easing of restrictions, the threat of Covid-19 is very much still there, and so holidays this summer are going to look a lot different when non-essential international travel measures

Removal of protections and PUP winding down 'perfect storm' for families – BreakingNews.ie

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) says that a lack of joined up thinking on the removal of the moratorium on energy disconnections and evictions, and the winding down of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) in the coming months will create a storm of problems and hardship for thousands of individuals and families.

FG senator describes Airbnb as ‘one more cuckoo in the home rental market’ – Extra.ie

Online rental broker Airbnb has been described as ‘another cuckoo in the rental market’. Fine Gael senator Tim Lombard also said the State is failing to enforce legislation from 2019 to prevent the letting of short-term rental properties in areas of high residential demand. As house hunters struggle to find rental properties in Dublin, the

Irish woman, 24, has just bought her second property thanks to Onlyfans – RSVP Live

Many people are struggling to afford rent prices in Ireland as the property market has skyrocketed forcing people out of their hometowns. One young Irish person who is doing incredibly well is Onlyfans star Kneevo, also known as Niamh O’Connor who has made her fortune on the platform where subscribers pay a monthly fee to

Emigration won't solve Ireland's housing crisis, this time – IrishCentral

Is a generational cull of our true potential – via economic emigration – to protect the economic status quo still the best we can do? Is it smart to sacrifice yet another generation’s modest dream of owning their own home in their own country to overseas private equity firms, like Round Hill Capital LLC? How