Blindboy Boatclub on why cannabis should be legalised and taxed – Newstalk

Cannabis should be legalised and taxed here, with the taxes being used to fund mental health services.

That is according to presenter and podcaster Blindboy Boatclub, who was responding to a new report on cannabis use.

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland warned that cannabis represents the “gravest threat to the mental health of young people in Ireland today.”

In the report, the college warned that the number of young people hospitalised with a cannabis-related disorder has jumped 300% in the past 10 to 15 years.

The report also found that young cannabis users are three to four-times more likely to develop psychotic-type disorders.

But Blindboy told The Hard Shoulder that prohibition of the drug is not effective.

“What I want to come on and I want to speak about today is I want to argue against prohibition.

“A lot of the problem I see that is being created in

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