Housing plan: ‘This will not be forgotten by my generation at the ballot box’ – The Irish Times

I really cant see how this will solve anything in the short/medium term. The fact that apartments and sites who already have planning permission are exempt for the changes means that any potential benefit will most likely not be felt in the next 2-3 years. Reit stock prices increased today, so investors don’t seem concerned by the news either. Feels like not a lot is actually being done, and that the status quo suits the politics of both government parties.

Galway City
This is just another example of successive governments’ obsession with the traditional family. Single people are not being provided for. These properties being safeguarded by the increase in stamp duty are only available to people on two salaries. I have had a good job with a multinational for many years and I am a good saver, but 3.5 times my salary will still never be enough to

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