Ministers disagree on Fair Deal scheme as O’Brien presses for rental income exemption – The Irish Times

Government officials are expected to continue working on planned reforms to the Fair Deal nursing home scheme, which have been hit by disagreements between Ministers.

Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien is pressing for an exemption to be put in place for rental income generated from family homes from contributions to the Fair Deal scheme.

Mr O’Brien has argued that such an exemption could free up more than 9,000 vacant properties that are currently not being rented as 80 per cent of any income raised would have to go towards the owner’s nursing home costs.

However, there are concerns in the Department of Health that the measure could be abused and that some families could seek prematurely to push older people into long-term residential care to access the rental income.

Government sources said talks were continuing on the reforms ahead of a memo being brought to the Cabinet shortly, but there

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