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With a focus on the dispute settlement mechanism and with a structure that stimulates challenges to domestic regulations that somehow affect investments, BITs have created an adversarial dynamic, which does not contribute to create a good business environment nor long-term investorstate relations. Despite often having the name Agreements for the Promotion and Protection of Investments, these traditional texts do not have an actual promotion concern,[8] but almost exclusively the protection one, and their effectiveness in promoting investments has not been confirmed, after all these years, by any available data.[9] Interestingly, alternative methods of dispute resolution are in fact the preferable mechanism for several types of State contracts (especially Private-Public Partnerships[5] and Concession[6] Agreements) (agreement). The development is consistent with our view that both countries will pursue policies aimed at deepening trade ties within South Asia. Although Sri Lanka has already signed bilateral FTAs with India, Pakistan and Iran, for Bangladesh,

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