The Irish Times view on the housing crisis: A broken system – The Irish Times

A torrent of objections to the 2022-2028 draft development plan for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown casts glaring light on the inner workings of the bedraggled planning system.

The county council’s draft aims to prevent excessive development, a laudable aim. But developers with large property holdings in southeast Dublin have lined up to demand far more residential zoning than the plan allows. They also want a loosening of apartment design guidelines and fewer height restrictions. Standing in their way is a new independent planning regulator, whose job it is to assess development plans. The regulator says the council’s proposal could lead to surplus zoned land and must therefore be scaled back, a prospect that fills some councillors with horror.

As construction fully resumes this week after lockdown, the wrangle reflects divergent interests in a dysfunctional housing market. Residents bemoan over-development. But many young people, trapped in high-rent accommodation, have

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