Could Facebook's remote working policy upend Dublin's tech hub? –

Facebook’s decision to allow for permanent remote working could have a profound impact on Dublin’s future for tech and living.

Last week, Facebook announced a significant change in its stance on remote working that could send ripples through Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

The tech giant, which employs around 6,000 people in Dublin, told staff that it will allow for permanent remote working after the pandemic.

Over the last 15 months of lockdowns, questions abound in several industries about how remote or home working could remain in place. There is demand for non-office-based roles but just how companies go about implementing these approaches is still taking shape.

Now Facebook staff will have the option of retaining their job at Facebook while based in another country in Europe. Staff that relocated to Ireland to take a job at Facebook could move home or others could opt to leave Ireland and its housing crisis

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