Fidelma McManus: Is cost rental a feasible approach to increasing Ireland's affordable housing supply? – Irish Legal News

Fidelma McManus

Fidelma McManus, partner and head of housing at Beauchamps, explores whether the cost rental model is a feasible approach to increasing Ireland’s affordable housing supply.

Few would dispute that more homes must be built in Ireland, but perhaps the more pertinent question is how we build the right type of affordable homes, to meet the long-term diverse needs of Irish society. It is not an easy question to answer and naturally the varied stakeholders in the housing sector continue to stage their specific cases to government.

The Affordable Housing Bill 2021 and the Land Development Agency Bill 2021, each published earlier this year by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage outline a multi-faceted approach to increasing housing supply with multiple policies proposed to address the affordability crisis.

Affordable Housing Bill 2021

Central to the Affordable Housing Bill 2021 are

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