Northern Ireland entrepreneur Tanya says property is in her ‘DNA’ – Belfast Newsletter

Property entrepreneur Tanya McGeehan

Who hasn’t watched a TV show like Homes Under the Hammer and dreamt of buying a dilapidated property with a 1970s avocado bathroom suite and Artex ceilings, doing it with up swish new fittings, and selling it on for a cool profit?

Let’s face it, the idea of ditching the humdrum nine-to-five to make a quick buck doing up a horrible house is a seductive one. But, of course, TV programmes make property developing look like a cinch, when the gritty reality – as NI property entrepreneur Tanya McGeehan points out – is it takes strong foundations of “resilience, determination and passion”… and, one should point out, money.

The 43-year-old Magherafelt woman who has completed some 15 ‘flips’ (industry lingo for buying a property doing it up, then selling it on for a profit) developed her

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