Pyrite in Mayo: ‘We worked hard. We bought our house in good faith’ – The Irish Times

Mayo residents Louise and Joe Pye never anticipated they would need to demolish their home just as they were nearing the end of their mortgage.

The couple discovered last year that their house in Foxford was among thousands of properties across Mayo and Donegal affected by the minerals pyrite and mica, which cause concrete blocks to crack and crumble.

Ms Pye (46) cannot just paint over the fractures – the house needs to be completely knocked and rebuilt.

“We had a lovely beautiful home with our two children. We still haven’t paid fully for this house. Who can afford to pay for two houses in their life?”

Ms Pye believes she is facing into the final winter in her current home: “I won’t be able to stay here much longer because it will fall down and somebody will get killed,” she speculated.

The defects are not the fault

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