Rental accommodation to be 'sucked up pretty quickly' as colleges return – Newstalk

The extra rental accommodation that became available during the COVID pandemic will be “sucked up pretty quickly” when colleges return, according to Sherry Fitzgerald.

The rental crisis took a back seat through the pandemic as people moved away from the large urban areas while they were working from home.

On The Pat Kenny Show this morning, Sherry Fitzgerald Managing Director Marian Finnegan said the return of colleges and on-site working in the coming months will bring the issue to the fore once again.


Rental accommodation set to be ‘sucked up pretty quickly’ as colleges return

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“If you were looking back 10, 15 years ago typically there would have been about 20,000 units available at any one time,” she said. “19,000, 20,000 units available across the country.

“That fell down to

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