Rents Go Up – But Could They Also Come Down? – Dublin Inquirer

File photo of Residential Tenancies Board.

Lasma Rasimes has little or no money left after she pays her rent and electricity bill.

The former shop worker, who suffers from serious back pain so can’t work, gets €220 a week on an invalidity pension – so, €880 most months.

She lives in a privately owned apartment, and her rent is subsidised through the government’s Homeless Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme, which pays €990 a month.

Each year her rent has gone up by the 4 percent allowed by legislation that designated Dublin as a “rent pressure zone”.

She was already struggling before last December, when her landlord hiked the rent up to €1,690 a month.

That left Rasimes topping up the €990 the council pays with €700 of her own money – while also paying the council €25 a week, leaving a little for electricity.

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