Surge in tenants seeking advice on evictions since ban lifted – The Irish Times

There has been a surge in renters seeking advice on notices of termination since the blanket ban on evictions, introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was lifted in April, according to housing charity Threshold.

The charity saw an almost 50 per cent increase in termination queries in the month after April 13th, when the ban was lifted, compared with the previous month, chief executive John-Mark McCafferty said

As of last week Threshold had recorded 533 new cases of people seeking advice on notices of termination since the ban expired, more than a quarter of the 1,944 live cases it has on its system.

The eviction ban was introduced only for periods when people’s movement was restricted to within 5km of their homes as part of Covid-19 rules. This restriction was lifted to allow county-wide travel on Monday, April 12th, and a 10-day grace period on evictions expired on Friday, April

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