Una Mullally: Mica scandal should be a moment of national reckoning – The Irish Times

Houses in Donegal are crumbling, and we may have reached a point where the mica scandal – where concrete blocks with mica were used in the construction of homes and other buildings – can no longer be ignored, as buses roll into Dublin tomorrow filled with people whose homes are falling apart.

The layers to this scandal are sedimentary. But the trauma many families are facing, as the telltale spiderweb cracks begin to show on their houses, is being compounded by the State, which is dragging people through an unnecessary and unfair process. At the heart of the demands of those who, through no fault of their own, have been placed in an incredibly distressing situation is a desire for fairness. After years of campaigning, being ignored, gathering their own data, going down legal culs-de-sac, and pleading with successive ministers for housing, a redress scheme was established.

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