Holding deposits: ‘It seems landlords in Ireland can rip people off with impunity’ – The Irish Times

“It seems landlords in Ireland can rip people off, with impunity, because of some loophole in the law when you don’t have a signed lease in place yet,” starts a mail from a reader by the name of Suzanne.

“This means that a deposit handed over by a prospective tenant, that’s called a ‘holding deposit’, to show good intent to take the property, effectively immediately belongs to the landlord, no matter the outcome of the next steps between a landlord and a prospective tenant,” she continues.

She wanted to rent an apartment in Dublin city centre last September and she paid €1,185 in what she thought was a deposit that would be offset against the final deposit to be paid just before moving in.

“I paid the money in good faith, having not yet signed the lease, because he asked me to,” she says. “He seemed a nice guy. In

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