Housing crisis and the rental market – The Irish Times

Sir, – I have no evidence beyond anecdotal to question the survey results reported by the Residential Tenancies Board and cited by Des Gilroy in these pages (Letters, July 20th). I do have reason, however, to question Mr Gilroy’s conclusions therefrom.

Mr Gilroy says it is a bad thing that small landlords are “being forced out” of the residential tenancy market, because this will lower the supply of residential properties, particularly those at affordable rents. This is an argument one often hears against State interventions in the rental market.

What matters is not the supply of landlords, but the supply of housing. When a small landlord “leaves the market”, they do not tear down the houses they thus far have rented out – they sell them, either to an owner-occupier or to another landlord. Thus, they are extremely well-compensated for “leaving” the rental market.

Likewise, it seems unlikely that a

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