Letters to the Editor: Defence Forces battling to retain staff because of poor prospects – Irish Examiner

Re your article Irish Examiner, July 9 (‘No let-up in Defence Forces exodus, as 236 quit in five months’), I served in the Defence Forces from 1985 to 2017 (32 years). 

In 1994, the first of the new so-called contract soldiers were enlisted. Their terms of engagement gave these personnel poorer service entitlements than those of us on previous contracts.

As the terms of engagement have worsened for new recruits, it is little surprise that these people will no longer tolerate a career with so few long-term guarantees.

Other ranks personnel got the right to representation (PDForra) in 1990 and the ‘contract soldier’ was announced by 1994. I believe this was a response to soldiers gaining rights. The chickens are now coming home to roost. 

The undermining of the service contracts in 1994 is to blame. 

Alan Nolan



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