Ex-fiancé reveals he was ghosted as 'unstable' Molly Martens took off to nanny in Ireland – Sunday World

Keith Maginn first crossed paths with Molly Martens on an online dating site.

e was floored by the all-American beauty from Tennessee when they met over a year before she would travel to Ireland in March 2008 to become an au pair to the children of Jason Corbett after the tragic death of his wife, Margaret.

After a series of long phone conversations, the Cincinnati native, who was working for the non-profit Habitat for Humanity, met up with Molly in person.

“I thought she was way out of my league just because she was so beautiful, but we really hit it off and we fell very fast, very hard, the both of us for whatever reason, and ended up moving in with each other after about a month,” Keith recalls.