INSIGHTS | Conservative investors are pairing portfolio with principles –

If you want to mix race and politics with your money, then Tom Carter has a deal for you.

A native of Leadville and Denver-based mutual fund executive for more than 25 years, Carter is helping conservative investors steer their money away from “woke” companies, those that use their economic might to back social change and racial justice, to those more likely to share their values.

American Conservative Values ETF, or exchange-traded fund, started last October, and already has more than $28 million from more than a thousand investors. There is 27% of the value in large-cap companies on the S&P 500 that the conservative fund won’t touch.

The fund’s no-buy list, as of this month, includes Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Facebook, Lowe’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks and General Motors. 

The fund’s year-to-date return, as of Wednesday,

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