The Housing for All Plan – An Overview – Lexology

The Housing for All Plan (the “Plan”), published by the Irish Government on 2 September 2021, will replace the ‘Rebuilding Ireland Strategy’ launched in 2016. It has been dubbed the “single largest investment in housing since the 1960’s”.

In order to address Ireland’s continuing housing crisis, the Plan will require the public and private sector to work together to reach the overall target of 300,000 homes by 2030, the breakdown of which is as follows:

170,000 homes for the private market; 90,000 social housing units; 36,000 affordable housing units; and 18,000 cost rental properties.

In order to reach the above lofty goals the State intends to spend €4 billion a year to 2030 on various State interventions and capital investments.

The Department of Housing commissioned a report from the Economic and Social Research Institute (ERSI), which indicated that an average of 33,000 new homes needed to be built

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