Why NY's eviction ban 'does absolutely nothing' for landlords as rental crisis drags on – Yahoo Finance

Nearly a month after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the federal eviction moratorium designed to keep struggling tenants in their homes as COVID-19 surges anew, rental assistance is slowly going out to millions of people behind on their rent.

More than $2.3 billion in federal emergency rental assistance went out in August to some 420,000 households, the most of any month to date since the money was made available, according to the Treasury Department.

Despite the uptick in disbursements, however, millions are still living in fear of being evicted in the near future. To date, $7.7 billion in payments have been made to help those in need, out of the $46 billion that was approved last December and March.

And while state and local programs continue to struggle to get money out the door, cash-strapped small and medium-sized landlords and property owners — who have been vilified even as many have gone for

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