Budget 2022 – spending decisions – The Irish Times

Sir, – Your excellent Budget 2022 coverage runs to 12 pages. Like the Budget itself, it is of necessity thinly spread.

What your lead story describes as “a giveaway €4.7 billion budget” provided for €4.2 billion in additional spending and about €500 million in tax reductions. The tax measures equate to €2 a week for each of our citizens but even this was too much for Patricia King, general secretary of Ictu (“Spending spread wide in ¤4.7bn giveaway”, October 13th). In her world, exchequer spending should continue to be without limit, as it is in the loudly articulated party policy of Sinn Féin.

Total Government expenditure for 2021 is projected as being of the order of €90 billion. Would that the media and Patricia King devoted as much attention to this behemoth as they do to the annual budget circus which plays around with a small fraction of this

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